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Spanish Teacher

New York Full Time

Job description


Maintain and enrich their expertise in the subject area they will teach;
Develop lesson plans that ensure the attainment of state learning standards and the additional specific grade-by-grade learning standards set forth in the charter;
Coordinate lesson plans with other teachers to maximize possibilities for teaching similar topics in the same general time frame, thus reinforcing student knowledge on an interdisciplinary basis;
Provide direct and indirect instruction;
Long and short-term planning addressing individual needs of students;
Prepare students adequately for all required assessments;
Evaluate students' progress;
Prepare monthly individual student achievement reports for parents;
Provide an inviting, exciting, innovative, learning environment;
Engage in effective and appropriate classroom management;
Serve as advisor to students;
Report directly to the principal;
Serve as advisor to students, including organizing advisory groups, overseeing the academic and behavioral progress;
Perform other duties, as deemed appropriate, by the principal.Qualifications
Demonstrated expertise in the subject they will teach, as evidenced by personal skills and knowledge, an undergraduate major or minor or graduate degree in the subject they will teach, or direct subject-area teaching experience;
If not covered by any of the exemptions provided under New York's charter-school law, possess any required state teaching certification and meet any other applicable credentialing requirements including the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended;
Demonstrated communication skills;
Demonstrated ability and experience to engage the interest of high school-age children;
Demonstrated ability to work with diverse children, including those with special needs;
Teaching experience in a public or private school, preferably in an urban setting;
Demonstrated ability to work well with parents;
Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a team member;
Demonstrated ability to evaluate tests and measurements. of achievement; and
Demonstrated willingness to be held accountable for student results.Certification preferred but not required.

Job location

Albany, NY


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