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Administrative Assistant

New York Part Time

Job description

Tasking all office duties to office staff
Maintain office equipment and office supplies
Maintain office efficiency by planning and implementing office procedures
Supervise all non- clinical office staff including business office, front office and administrative support personnel
Perform general office/facilities management duties
Maintain office equipment and ensure service contracts of office equipment
Ensure all aspects of office operations
Close the front office area
Organizing office operations and procedures
Help all departments in front office
Manage the office support team
Supply for the business office
Operate an efficient office practice
Monitor office policies and procedures
Implement office policies and procedures
Controlling the entire office administration
Provide administrative leadership to the front office staff
Assess office staff on performance ability
Coordinate staffing within the office
Maintain office services and flow by organizing and managing office operations and procedures


  • N.Y. STAFF
  • New York
  • Category: Administrative
  • Career level: ---
  • Salary: $30.00 - $45.00 / hour
  • Job type: Part Time