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Registered Nurse (RN)

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New Jersey Full Time

Job description


Directly responsible for the monitoring for efficient & effective services as assigned by the Director of Nursing and Program Director.
Responsible for ensuring MESH staff understands the goals of the program and that all are working toward consumer recovery and independence.
Oversee the implementation of Individual Rehabilitation Plans by direct care staff with input from the treatment team members. Their signatures on the Plans indicate agreement of treatment team.
Coordinate with other community services that work with the MESH consumers, such as community hospitals, entitlement agencies, community medical providers, and other mental health providers.
Consult and coordinate with Program Director & direct services staff re: admissions, transfers & discharges from State Psychiatric Hospitals. Responsible for ensuring all regulations are followed in these processes.
Conduct quarterly nursing assessments & develops plans of care for all consumers in the Program. Assign duties/interventions to the LPN staff in accordance with the assessments, approved plan of care.
In collaboration with RN team leader assign duties to the LPN's & CNA's to assist consumers with these appointments and follow-up care.
In collaboration with the Housing Support Specialist, the psychiatrist & the consumer, the RN will actively participate in the Rehabilitation/Recovery Plan and assist with activities, which enable consumers to reach their goals.
Responsible for training, implementation and oversight of all MESH medication policies and procedures.
Audits MESH nursing team member documentation for accuracy and completeness
Other duties as assigned by Director/ Director of Nursing

Job location

Burlington, NJ


  • RH Recruitment
  • New Jersey
  • Category: Healthcare Support
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  • Job type: Full Time